Liquor stores earn 40% net profit on average, yet the particular business is strictly prohibited in Sharjah. 

If you are planning to step inside the world of tycoons, the region you are operating in counts the most for your company. The industry of writing professionals is growing at a fast pace, yet using essay mills is a criminal offense under new UK legislation. 

So, it’s not about how fruitful the work is, it’s about the ethical code of the country. Since you have searched which is the best business to start easily in Sharjah? You must be planning to ground your feet there. 

Some businesses violate the country’s law and thus are prohibited. On the flip side, we have some very gainful and money-spinning business ideas, you can consider too. Let’s have a look at the top 5 money-making concepts, entrepreneurs living in Sharjah can apply. 

Which Is The Best Business to Start Easily in Sharjah

Before we come to our main topic, here is a piece of advice for all the future entrepreneurs

Looking before you leap, is important but throwing caution to the wind is more important. Get your grip on marketing and advertisement techniques. Do remember, that entrepreneurship and risk are always in harmony. Without taking risks, you can get nowhere.

Now that you have already planned to be the next tycoon, go through the ethical principles of the region before you build your startup. Well, enough of the advice, let’s delve into some amazing ideas for the future businessmen of Sharjah.

1. Resume Writing Service

According to, 70% of CVs get rejected in the initial screening process. The major reason is the inaccuracy of dates and the theme of the resume. Surely, CV writing requires skills, and people who lack them, may not design a good one. Taking benefit of the situation, some writers have started providing CV writing services. Wondering how much this minimal task can make you earn? 

You will be earning up to $65 per hour. Sounds amazing right? Feel proud of your writing skills, you can now help job seekers, get recruited, and earn through your service. The growth opportunities are huge. 

There are around 17,000 job seekers in Sharjah. Imagine if you managed to deliver your service to at least 50 of them, you can make more than $5000. Fortunately, most of the money you make in this field is pure profit. The business idea is the best for writing experts. 

2. Restaurants and cafes

Millions of tourists visit Sharjah each year, and this justifies why the city has more than 100 hotels for visitors. Considering the number of tourists the region welcomes each year, opening a cuisine is one of the profitable options we have in hand.

Living in the Middle East, serving food is the most generous and hospitable way to treat your guest. Not only Arabs are fond of eating, but they are best at feeding delicious dishes to their visitors.

The business doesn’t need to have a Ph.D. degree, but a high school degree is enough to earn AED 70,792 a year.

3. LinkedIn Profile Creator

Looking over the above heading, you might be a little surprised. Can people seriously earn money by making a single profile? Well, Yes! And you will be even more shocked to know that they can earn more than $500 by handling a single profile. 

65% of the currently employed individual are looking for a new job. This is why “LinkedIn profile creator in Dubai” is among the few common services people search for in UAE. 

If you are good at social media handling and want to benefit people with your services, become the profile creator. We all know that LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for job seekers to highlight themselves in front of recruiters. If you can manage to highlight your client on the platform, you may be able to charge a handsome amount.  

4. Digital Marketing Agency

  • Low tax
  • Easy access to market
  • High-profit return on capital investment
  • Strong economy
  • No limitations on business activities

The number of benefits entrepreneurs get in UAE is exceptional. This is the reason why people, try to open their marketing agencies in the Middle East. The region has got the attention of both local and international organizations and hence the marketing agencies make a huge profit through their services.

23,000 AED per month is not less. When you possess the degree and expertise, you may earn millions with your skills and knowledge. The future is Digital marketing. The industry, not only in UAE but globally is accelerating at a fast pace. Simply by providing the SEO service, you can earn 2000 AED per website.

Also, opening a marketing agency in Sharjah has multiple benefits. You can work with a diverse workforce of experts, have access to more resources and save a big amount.

5. Gift Shop

Did you bring anything for me?

You might have heard people asking this question from their loved ones, who have just returned from a vacation. Well, considering the number of tourists Sharjah gets, you may open a gift shop in Sharjah. Sell the souvenir of Arabs or something that people might like to gift to their friends and family. Imagine if a store manager can earn AED 5244 per month in the region, how much the owner will make?

If you have the resources, invest your amount in gift shops and make as much profit as you desire.


Sharjah is known for its Arabic architecture, cultural centers, and libraries. The tourism traffic it gets is huge, and opening any business would be profitable in the region, but most importantly the few mentioned above. A few things you need to consider are the ethical values of the region you are operating in. For example, it is not wrong to sell alcohol but the conduct is strictly prohibited in Arabic countries. To avoid any kind of inconvenience, go through ethical considerations before you step into the business world. The city of architecture benefits the entrepreneur in several ways, as we discussed in our article. If you are planning to build a startup in Sharjah, make sure you search “what is in demand in the city”.